Large experience with all materials  


We acquired thorough experience in machining various materials :


 Stainless steel // Titanium // Aluminium // Steel and special steels // Plastics // Copper alloys // Exotic materials.

Hexagon material // Tubes // Square materials // Profiles.

This overall experience guarantees our adaptability to your additional finishing requirements such as  heat treatments, surface treatments or other … We follow up your projects from A to Z.

Our production capacities range from Ø1 to Ø32 mm on CNC lathes with  5 to 9 axes, branded Citizen, Tsugami and Tornos.

Industries served 

We are thus proud to serve industries such as :

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Race car crossing the finish line on a c
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Close-up shot of microscope with metal l
Network switch and ethernet cables in ra
Photovoltaic modules on the background o
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More than simple Know How, a lifestyle


Trusting us means not only choosing quality but also security !

Our competences include collaborative conception with our customers’ R&D departments, prototyping, preseries up to serial manufacturing.

We are able to guarantee very tight tolerances, critical geometrical and optical requirements, as well as rigorous cleaning and packing.

Our experience, our machines, our employees’ Know How as well as our normalized and mastered processes guarantee our efficient and qualitative results.

CNC High Precision Turning

SUNAP produces technical turned and machined parts for all industrial sectors in small and medium sized batches whilst respecting ecological aspects.

We are located in the heart of the Arve valley, near to all main subcontracting partners for finishing operations such as heat treatments, surface treatments… and are able to share our machining know how with our customers by co-developing new projects whilst guaranteeing you complete confidentiality.

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